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New Paintings: A $25 Catch

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Spinelli Art has some new paintings!

These adorable land and sea creatures are small enough to tote around or hang on your office/bedroom/dorm room wall.

They are quite a catch, and available at the Etsy Shop for $25.00 each.


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A Graffiti Mecca

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The New York Times has a great photo slideshow called “A Graffiti Mecca on Borrowed Time.” The photos and short article are all about a warehouse in Long Island City, NYC, that has been visited by graffiti artists all over the world.

The photos are certainly worth a look.

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The Lumberjack Project

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The LumberJack Films project is finally complete!

A Giant digitally illustrated lumberjack represent this company’s drive, funky and comical film making.

Check out the Lumberjacks at their very own  YouTube channel where new short films are updated weekly.


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