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Sweet Spinelli Art Video Commercial!

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Put Your Design Shades On.

Watch the video and find out what it is to take ahold of those trendy shades and view the world with our creative design perspective. Just plain originality, creativity and fun. Please share the video 🙂


The Kodak Moment Revisited

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George Eastman of Kodak and Thomas Edison.

Kodak filed for bankruptcy last week leaving photographers and loyal Kodak customers reminiscent of the photographic process. The NY Times article “Eastman Kodak Files for Bankruptcy” describes Kodak’s efforts to stay in business.

In this over-saturated digital era, we sometimes forget the origin and progression of photography.  Shooting photos, with iphones in dinging, poorly lit bars has become common place. Photography was not so immediate in the past as it is today, but more of an art and a process. What happened to the art of film photography? Photographic processing in a darkroom could be a tricky and messy. Now  you can take a photo on a digital camera that fits in your pocket, complete with face recognition, red-eye reduction and auto focus. Though we can view our photos immediately on a convenient 2.5″ LED camera screen, we’ve lost some of photography’s romantic nature.

David Gonzalez, a photojournalist for the NY Times Lens Blog posted an article on his passion for photography and more specifically Kodak: “Life —and Kodak—Remembered.” David States: “There was a Zen-like comfort to these processing and printing sessions, which calmed me. I would go in after dinner and not emerge sometimes until sunrise — often with a few rolls of bulk-loaded Tri-X jangling in my makeshift camera bag, ready for new adventures.” Processing and printing a photo was meditative for some, like David while bothersome for others.

Jonathan Woods from MSNBC showcased Kodak on the photoblog. In the article, Mick Cochran describes the common hassle for some to develop film. “Anytime you could find someone to process your film, you would do it. Nobody wanted to be in the darkroom with all those chemicals. It was a right of passage, it was messy.” Lucky for many, we don’t have to soil our shirts in the photographic process. Digital photography provides a multitude of options for the photographer combined with the comfort of editing at home.

In conclusion, appreciate the photographic process from the past and enjoy the convenience and style of digital photography.



Feather-themed Etsy Artists

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Just made a new feather-themed treasury on Etsy.

The theme was inspired by the many feathered art and jewelry products showcased on Etsy.

Check it out!

Logo Inspiration

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Upon perusing the internet for logo and design inspiration, I have stumbled upon some really fantastic and thoughtful designs.

If you’re looking for inspiration, LogoFaves has some really great logos from a variety of world-wide designers.

What makes a quality logo?

Jacob Cass at Just Creative Design describes the criteria right to the point.

An effective logo must be:

1) Simple

2) Memorable

3) Timeless

4) Versatile

5) Appropriate

Keep it Simple. Logos should be easily recognized and identified.  A logo doesn’t define your brand, the brand defines a logo. Your business logo should be synonymous with the quality of work and or service provided. Logos take on their meaning through business branding.


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Spinelli Art just created a treasury on Etsy.

Treasuries are where Etsy artists showcase art with a particular theme.

Today’s theme is Dinosaurs!

Take a look, there are tshirts, soap, paintings, costume, sculptures and jewelry.

Check out the treasury HERE (or click the photo to access the link).

For more Spinelli Art curated treasuries on Etsy:

View Here!

Tower of Feathers

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Check out this one-of-a-kind black and white ink illustration.

A peacock expands from a water tower narrowly escaping the torrent.

Diamond seeds seek to plant in fertile soil.

This original illustration is available at the Spinelli Shop on Etsy.

Art of the week– New Sketches

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In effort to expand my art and artistic ideas, I’ve been doing daily/weekly sketches.

Above is Sunday’s sketch and is for sale on ETSY for $15.00

I will be posting new drawings regularly!

Click below to visit the Spinelli Art Shop:





New Paintings: A $25 Catch

In Etsy Updates, Uncategorized on September 11, 2011 at 2:43 am

Spinelli Art has some new paintings!

These adorable land and sea creatures are small enough to tote around or hang on your office/bedroom/dorm room wall.

They are quite a catch, and available at the Etsy Shop for $25.00 each.


❤ Spinelli Art

A Graffiti Mecca

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The New York Times has a great photo slideshow called “A Graffiti Mecca on Borrowed Time.” The photos and short article are all about a warehouse in Long Island City, NYC, that has been visited by graffiti artists all over the world.

The photos are certainly worth a look.

Spinelli Art

The Lumberjack Project

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The LumberJack Films project is finally complete!

A Giant digitally illustrated lumberjack represent this company’s drive, funky and comical film making.

Check out the Lumberjacks at their very own  YouTube channel where new short films are updated weekly.


❤ Spinelli Art